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Nearly 16 percent of Americans —about 47 million people— are uninsured. According to a story in USAToday, the people without health insurance aren't just the poor – they are all of us. Medical bills are the cause of more than half of all personal bankruptcies in the United States.

Health Maintenance Organizations

HMO plans are the among the most affordable plans you can find. HMO plans give you a low-cost way to get routine healthcare. In an HMO plan, you get all your healthcare from within a "network" of doctors and hospitals.

HMOs are a type of managed care. All HMOs require you to use doctors and hospitals that are members of their “networks.” HMO plans require you to select a Primary Care Physician who is in charge of referring you to specialists.

HMOs don’t require you to pay for your healthcare up-front, and there aren’t any claim forms to fill out or long waiting periods for reimbursement. And the majority of HMO plans require relatively small co-payments for office visits, hospital stays, or prescriptions.

Preferred Provider Organizations

PPO plans offer many of the same savings advantages as HMO plans, but with more flexibility. In a PPO plan you can choose to see any doctor you want, regardless of whether or not they're in the plan's network.

PPOs are networks of doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. The health plans associated with PPOs save you money when you use a provider “within the network.” But they will also provide you with coverage when you get services from “outside the network.”The more flexibility and choice a Health plan offers, the bigger the price tag. So a PPO plan will cost more than an HMO plan.

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